Corgi 453 Walls Refrigerator Van

Superb – virtually faultless model.

This model has the rarer dark blue


Comes complete with the original


Box complete and shows only minor

signs of wear.





This is a small selection of Dinky Toys


All models are in excellent condition and come

in excellent, complete boxes.


Please email me for further details on these 

items including prices.


9 original shop fresh 1969

Matchbox Catalogues.


£15.00 each or £100.00 for the 9

Corgi Gift Set Number 27

Machine Carrier with Shovel

This Set is in absolutely superb condition.

Comes complete with instructions and

the Corgi leaflet.



Corgi Number 1147

Ferrymaster Scammell

This model is in superb condition and

comes in an excellent, complete box.




Dinky Toys 512 Guy Flat Truck


This model is in superb, unmarked 

condition - probably unplayed with.

Comes in a superb, complete box.




Dinky 921 Articulated Lorry


This model is in superb condition -

probably one of the best you will find.

Comes in an excellent, hard to find,

dual numbered box.

A fabulous model to add to your 




Dinky 290 Double Deck Bus


This model is in superb condition.

This is the rare version with spun hubs.

An outstanding example of this

great looking Dinky Model.

Comes in an excellent, complete box.



Dinky 111 Triumph TR2 Sports


This model is in superb, oustanding

condition.  There are no marks to the

paintwork on the driver's head.


Comes in an excellent, complete box.



Dinky 952 Vega Luxury Coach


This model has a couple of tiny pin-prick marks but is really nice with the blue interior.  Comes in a reasonably nice,

end flap complete box.



Dinky 983 Car Carrier with Trailer


This Dinky model is in excellent condition - only minor edge wear marks.  The trailer is superb.  Comes with some packing.  The box is in very good, complete condition.