We are always looking to increase our stock so


if you have any obsolete diecast or in fact modern diecast models


for sale please do not hesitate to contact me either by


telephone or email.


We would also be interested in buying


any model railways items (all gauges).


We have recently purchased:


Substantial quantity of Dinky and Corgi 1960's models -


all in superb condition and in excellent boxes.


Substantial quantity of unboxed 1960's Dinky and Corgi


Models in varying conditions - many would be suitable for




I will be attending the Gateshead Toy Fair on Sunday


17th October 2021 and The Macron Stadium Toy Fair


in Bolton on Sunday 31st October 2021 and I will be


bringing a large selection of Dinky and Corgi Models


with me so I do hope to see you there.



Remember what you see on the website is only


a very small selection of our stock.  I also


have weekly sales on Ebay (evt502).





David & Lesley